Unclaimed, Lost and Abandoned meet "Chaceros"

Last class as we explored the False Mythification methodology, the idea of an anthropomorphic figure who wanders through remixed ideas emerged as a tentative pathway for exploration beyond coding. A juggler of platonic solids embodying possible ideas from remixed unclaimed/abandoned/lost objects, blending them into reconfiguration. Through the informal streets of Bogota he mingles with the "amigos" AKA "chaceros". 

From Portraits by    Robby Cavanaugh

From Portraits by Robby Cavanaugh

The idea behind unclaimed items in transit spaces such as airports have a curious reclaiming history. These are either resold by state-run surplus centers or at online auction sites.Places like www.govdeals.com www.unclaimedbaggage.com or www.greasbys.co.uk auction these. 

The other component of this exercise (chacero), are a local/colombian figure that after a bit of online research replicates across other countries, whose economy hasn't entirely formalized. "Chacero" is the slang for street vendors in Colombia. These are wonderful examples of remixed and repurposed stuff through history.