Flux iPad App

Concept Development

Flux is a mobile application for tablets that introduces college students to System Dynamics. Its Design Objective involves a new visual representation to improve the user experience in System Dynamic softwares. I was the Visual and Interaction Designer behind its creation. The second iteration at the right was created with a micro-organism metaphor in mind.

For this project I worked closely with a PhD in Applied Sciences directing and implementing the mathematical models behind it, and a junior iOS Programmer.

Bertalanffy’s General Systems Theory sprung from Biology, thus a micro-organism metaphor for the final design seems convenient and captivating. Elements within the aqueous environment resemble organic-like shapes. Both features, the animated elements and organic forms contribute to Flux's aim to bridge users’ mindset onto a unified perceivable and predictable interface.

Iteration 1

Ripple effect concept were elements' behaviors interfere like waves disturbing water. 

Iteration 2

Micro-organism concept were elements have a biological look and the interface borrows visual queues from a petri-dish 

Brand Identity

In System Dynamics the concept of cycle is essential. This is why the logo's starting point is a cycle. Afterwards, a double cycle resembling the infinity symbol was used for the name's starting point.